So the House Republicans never got around to filing the lawsuit against the president that they were all worked up about a few months ago (a bunch of people noticed; I recommend Kevin Drum’s look at it).

Rather than try to speculate on why not, I’ll just present a special House version of my occasional look at things that haven’t happened or been in the news, which in turn tells us something important. These aren’t minor items they didn’t happen to get around to. This is basically the Republican agenda over the last several years. So before anyone gets caught up in taking seriously their new claims of what they’re going to do in the future, a little bit of dogs not barking:

1. The House didn’t file the lawsuit against Barack Obama.
2. The House didn’t take up several different “piece by piece” immigration bills.
3. The House never considered tax reform. No bill was considered in committee, or even introduced. They did get all the way to the hearing stage on that one.
4. And the granddaddy of them all, no matter how many times they promise it’s going to happen any month now, the House Republicans still have no “replace” plan for their pledged repeal-and-replace approach to Obamacare. No bill, not even real hearings to talk about drafting a bill.

[Cross-posted at Bloomberg View]

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