Halloween is that wonderful, fun time of year every possible professional or existential quality and can be reduced down to a (mildly to incredibly) offensive “sexy” costume for young women.

Some professions, however, are rather more likely to generate outrage than others.

And so I give you: the sexy PhD graduate (right).

According to an article at Inside Higher Education:

The “Delicious Women’s Phd [sic] Darling Sexy Costume,” sold by Amazon, received a lot of virtual eye rolls from academics on social media on Halloween. The costume, including a short, low-cut gown, cap and stole, is similar in style to other “racy” profession costumes that many critics have panned as sexist, offensive and absurd. Real-life Ph.D.s said this costume was no exception, as well as inaccurate: some pointed out that the costume was missing bars and a tam.

Missing “bars and a tam.” Nerds.

Some of the reviews are pretty awesome though

I can now lecture in my 5-inch gold spiked heels and ‘barely there’ regalia while giving nary a thought to the male gaze and it’s [sic] implications on the prevalence of rape culture in our society. I fully expect my chili pepper rating on [RateMyProfessor.com] to go through the roof once I begin to greet my students in this costume. Hopefully I can keep my post structural hegemony’s [sic] from engaging in some wardrobe malfunctions.

And another.

We all know that after years of living on a subsistence diet while your undergraduate loans collect interest, it can be difficult for junior faculty to afford their university’s hood and gown for graduation ceremonies. Save yourself $950 by investing in the Delicious Women’s PhD Darling ensemble! Upon seeing you, your students, their parents, and your colleagues will instantly recognize that you are a serious Lady PhD. Such a display of intellectual creativity and gravitas is practically guaranteed to secure you tenure!

I sort of wonder how well this one sold, however. The thing about the sexy lady something costume is that it often works mostly as a costume for college students. And it seems like this particular one is a little odd to wear at any campus party.

But then, it’s hard to tell. Most of the reviews are satirical. It’s not like any of these fun reviewers actually bought and wore the costume out.

Daniel Luzer

Daniel Luzer is the news editor at Governing Magazine and former web editor of the Washington Monthly. Find him on Twitter: @Daniel_Luzer