It seems like some people were gunning for Valerie Jarrett long before the elections were held. I wonder whether these articles would have still been published if the elections had gone better than expected.

Apparently, Breitbart humiliated themselves by confusing their Loretta Lynches.

As Detroit fights its way out of bankruptcy, retirees take a haircut on their pensions because city workers are precisely the kind of people who always lose.

Between Bob Filner and Carl DeMaio, San Diego has become ground zero for boorish sexually inappropriate behavior in those seeking political office. Both of them lost, fortunately.

I want to be fair here. Is it your impression that when Hillary Clinton was in the Senate she did a lot of bridge building to the Republicans?

Last night demonstrators lit fire to the door of the National Palace in Mexico. They are angry about the murder of 43 students in southern Mexico by what appears to be some combination of corrupt local police and ruthless gangsters. The anger is understandable, but the arson is unlikely to help matters.

It’s been 25 years since the Berlin Wall fell. I feel old.

Here’s some more John and Yoko:

How was your weekend?

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