Somehow, Brian Beutler has convinced himself that there are some substantial upsides to having the Republican Party in total control of Congress.

I’m not arguing that a fully Republican Congress will produce better policy than a divided Congress, or that Democrats should feel relieved to have lost the midterms so badly. All I’m suggesting is that a Republican Senate is the best outcome for me, personally, and for the growth interests of my employer. And also, maybe—in the longer term—for the country’s fragile, wheezing political system.

Basically, Beutler’s premise is that the status quo was boring as hell (true) and that watching the Republicans try to govern will be more interesting (true) because they’ll be constantly fighting among themselves (true) and will be more accountable for their actions (true) and that they needed to stop hiding behind Harry Reid (true) and that the Democrats needed a wake-up call (true).

I am an optimistic kind of guy who prefers to look at the glass as half full, but I still can’t agree that getting our asses kicked in the midterms was the better result. But, yeah, it will be better for internet traffic, and that counts for something.

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