The big story of the day is that American Luke Somers – who was being held hostage by al Qaeda in Yemen – was killed during a U.S. special forces rescue attempt. Here’s President Obama’s statement on that.

Michael Cohen does a good job of debunking conservatives who suggest that President Obama’s foreign policy is one of retreat from the global scene.

The United States and France just reached an agreement to pay reparations to American survivors of the Holocaust who were deported to Nazi death camps in French trains. Apparently negotiations on this have been underway for a year.

Another memoir by a former member of the Obama administration will be released in February. This one is by the President’s “body man,” Reggie Love titled Power Forward: My Presidential Education.

Yes Virginia, there is a Santa Claus. And you can learn computer coding by tracking his activities from now to Christmas Day. How cool is that?!

For some humor, check out Andy Borowitz writing about a new proposal to provide grand juries with eyes.

And finally, this one goes out to all the people who are making their voices heard lately (featuring Rodrick Dixon with Three Mo’ Tenors).

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