If she wasn’t already in the spotlight as President Obama’s nominee to be the next Attorney General, Loretta Lynch might have reached that status anyway as the United States Attorney for the Eastern District of New York – where she will oversee the federal inquiry into the choking death of Eric Garner.

There is some speculation about whether or not her involvement in that matter will be used against her during the hearings on her nomination. I doubt it will be a factor given that, with the investigation underway, she will be precluded from commenting on it. Besides, I’m sure the Republicans on the Senate Judiciary Committee already have their binders full of ways to press her about President Obama’s executive orders on immigration.

But one thing stood out to me during AG Holder’s announcement about his resignation. He will remain in the position until his successor is confirmed. Republicans are extremely anxious to see Holder go. It will be interesting to see if that encourages them to “get on with it” when it comes to approving Ms. Lynch.

While I’m on the topic of comings and goings, I’ll just add that – while Eric Holder is retiring from his current position – he knows there’s still a lot of work to do.

This whole notion of reconciliation between law enforcement and communities of color is something that I really want to focus on and to do so in a very organized way. Not just as Eric Holder, out there giving speeches—though certainly that could be a part of it—but to have maybe a place where this kind of effort is housed and to be associated with that kind of an entity. That’s the kind of thing I’m beginning to think about.

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