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I spend a lot of time lamenting corporate media’s refusal to cover issues such as the climate crisis—the deranged decision to virtually ignore the People’s Climate March, the obsession with false balance in terms of who is invited on to network- and cable-news discussions of climate change, the negligence of newspapers in continuing to give a platform to climate-change deniers. Now more than ever, we need media entities that will report the facts on this issue without fear or favor.

Climate change isn’t the only issue corporate-media entities choose to ignore. Let’s face it: were it not for Michael Brown and Eric Garner, the corporate media would still ignore police brutality against black men and boys. Issues such as income and gender inequality, voter suppression and the continued assault on reproductive rights are still considered unimportant to the media elites.

They’re important to you. They’re important to us. If these stories are not covered, we will not have a better country and a better world. If these stories are not covered, the greediest and most perverse forces in this country and world win.

We’re committed to fighting back against the forces of ignorance. We’re committed to calling out the crooks, exposing the erroneous, denouncing the dishonest. It’s necessary work…but we absolutely need your help to continue doing it.

Here at the Washington Monthly, we have a moral obligation to the truth. Corporate-media entities also have that obligation…but they consistently fail to meet it. They’ve let their standards down.

We don’t believe in doing the same. To us, low standards are no standards at all.

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D. R. Tucker is a Massachusetts-based journalist who has served as the weekend contributor for the Washington Monthly since May 2014. He has also written for the Huffington Post, the Washington Spectator, the Metrowest Daily News, investigative journalist Brad Friedman's Brad Blog and environmental journalist Peter Sinclair's Climate Crocks.