Even before the Obama administration released a preliminary outline of its proposed college rating system last Friday, the response from those who support the status quo was immediate and predictable: sight unseen and certainly unread, they declared the proposal yet another tyrannical power grab. This probably gives you an idea of the kind of pushback the administration can expect against this common-sense effort to help students and their families find a college they can afford without incurring a lifetime of debt for a degree that may not lead to post-graduation success. Interestingly, these same status-quo forces have been unsuccessful in silencing the persistent drumbeat here at the Washington Monthly, where we have been pushing for results-oriented accountability through our college rankings, college blog, and in-depth higher-ed articles since 2005. That is because we are an independent voice, speaking for those of you who are fed up with a system that perpetuates skyrocketing tuition and soaring student debt while graduation rates and access for moderate and low-income students decline. Nicholas Lemann, Dean Emeritus of Columbia University Graduate School of Journalism and former Washington Monthly editor says:

“The Washington Monthly is an indispensable source on what’s really going on in the American political system: passionate, knowledgeable, intellectually honest, and interested in the real story of how this society is governed, not the shouting and the spin.”

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