When an Al Jazeera headline includes the phrases “ISIL is Losing” and “Iraqis Optimistic,” you know it’s an important story.

Pope Francis continues to rattle cages. This time by naming 15 new cardinals from 14 countries (including places like Tonga, New Zealand, Cape Verde and Myanmar) as well as seeking the abolition of nuclear weapons.

On its 92nd anniversary, Denise Oliver Velez asks us to both remember and contemplate the lessons from the massacre that occurred in Rosewood, Florida. 9/11 was certainly not the first time that terrorism reached our shores.

Remember the time when Republicans used to complain about “judicial activism?” These days – not so much. As a matter of fact, they are increasingly turning to the courts to aid their agenda. Don’t you just love how Republicans always stand on principle…except when they don’t?

Speaking of Republicans, looks like Mike Huckabee is the second to throw his hat into the ring for the 2016 presidential nomination. And Laura Ingraham is the first to say she’s not impressed.

For those of you who’ve been concerned about the news that the world is running out of chocolate, the University of Reading is on it!

Finally, a few years ago Jim Wallis told Jon Stewart that comedians like him often played the role of prophetic court jesters. Here is John Oliver doing just that on an issue I wrote about earlier today.

Nancy LeTourneau

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