Switzerland threw a monkey wrench into the global currency market yesterday.

Brian Beutler wonders whether or not low gas prices came a little too late for the Democrats.

Joan McCarter ponders what “incremental change” to ObamaCare will actually mean.

Does Mitt Romney have a better chance than any of the other schlubs? I certainly hope not. Also, Peggy Noonan should do a better job disguising her anonymous sources.

For white Texans, especially after going along with Tom DeLay’s mid-decade redistricting scheme, they should ponder the gander, and what’s good for the goose.

The Field Negro wants to know why white conservative men love Beyoncé so much.

The Saudi Kingdom has a system set up to flog bloggers, so whether they actually do it in this case or not really doesn’t matter. It’s the system that matters.

At Ten Miles Square, I discuss Bernie Sanders’ new position as ranking member on the Budget Committee and the significance of the professor he hired to be Democrats’ chief economist on the budget.

At College Guide, Sarah Butrymowicz looks at how Dutch schools do things differently.

Here’s Paul McCartney sitting in with another rock n’ roll giant.

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