On the big story of the day, I’ll let Jared Bernstein explain President Obama’s latest proposal on taxes and spending.

In an interview with Karen Tumulty, Senator Elizabeth Warren basically sums us why she’s not interested in running for President.

“I’ll always be an outsider. That’s how I understand the world,” the Massachusetts Democrat said in an interview. “There’s a real benefit to being clear about this. I know why I’m here.”

The previous Congress couldn’t pass reform of NSA’s surveillance activities. The idea that this new Republican Congress will do so is not even remotely possible. And so once again, President Obama will go it alone.

Defying conventional wisdom, Dylan Matthews says we should “Ignore the headlines. The world is getting safer all the time.”

Crime rates in the U.S. have dropped about 22% from 2004 to 2013. The Movoto Blog has put together an animated map showing the trends on a state-by-state basis.

Stevie Wonder is working with NBC to produce a musical mini-series about the Underground Railroad. If anybody can pull that off…its Stevie.

Finally, I’d like to introduce you to 6th grader Esther Yu. There is no reaction to this other than “WOW!” But I also love the expressions on the face of the girl behind Esther. It’s almost as if she can’t believe what she’s hearing either.

Nancy LeTourneau

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