Last week, Education Week released its annual Quality Counts report. This year, the report includes an expansive focus on early education: “Preparing to Launch: Early Childhood’s Academic Countdown.” It’s worth checking out.

As part of the release, I wrote a commentary in response to this question posed by Education Week: What’s a research concern that we still need answered about early-childhood education?

I say that while there has been a great deal of research on what children need from birth through 3rd grade, it really has yet to be recognized by policymakers and practitioners. I also point out that not only do we need to better connect research to what’s happening in early education classrooms, but there needs to be more of a focus on implementation. A policy — even if it’s based on strong research — won’t have a positive impact on teaching and learning if it is not implemented well.

Read my entire piece here.

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Laura Bornfreund

Laura Bornfreund is deputy director for New America's Early Education Initiative. Before joining New America, Ms. Bornfreund consulted for a number of education policy organizations including the Forum for Education & Democracy, Institute for Educational Leadership, and Common Core. She began her career as a 4th grade teacher. Ms. Bornfreund holds a master's degree in public administration from the University of Central Florida.