Oh, my goodness. What can be worse than tables and graphs that back your factual claims? Mr. Starbursts is offended.

Vox Obama is the only rational guy in town. Vox Obama is a non-ideological devotee of facts. Vox Obama speaks in dulcet tones. Vox Obama has data sliding beside his face to prove his points! (MSNBC should integrate this feature into its coverage of next year’s State of the Union address.)

Vox called the video clips of its interviews “films.” They had dramatic cut-aways and soothing music, as well as cute gizmos and other supporting material flashing on the screen to illustrate the wisdom and correctness of everything Obama said.

Why didn’t President Obama’s ad-makers hire these guys? The videos could have been produced by a naively progressive Leni Riefenstahl, provided she believed in the totemic power of tables and graphs (always supportive, of course — a hint of disagreement might ruin the effect).

I’m just guessing here because “Ezra” and “Klein” are names associated with a particular religious group, but the comparison to Leni Riefenstahl might have been just a tad offensive, don’t you think?

I mean, hey, okay, go ahead and call the president “a grubby politician.” It’s what you get paid to do. But however deep you try to bury the point, we saw how you compared him to Hitler.

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Martin Longman

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