There was a second shooting in Copenhagen today. But police say they’ve killed the man they believe is responsible for both attacks.

Speaker John Boehner admitted today that he went behind President Obama’s back to invite PM Netanyahu to speak to Congress because he wanted to “avoid interference” from the White House. I can only wonder how far these folks have to go before we start talking about Congressional overreach.

Ian Millhiser takes a deep dive into how the Obama administration is quietly racking up court victories for birth control, despite Hobby Lobby.

Ari Berman fills us in on what the Moral Monday Movement has planned for 2015. And Denise Oliver Velez tells us all about their March for Love and Justice yesterday in Raleigh.

If you think that feminism is only for women, check yourself. Elizabeth Plank gives us the 23 Ways Feminism Has Made the World a Better Place for Men.

Despite Clint Eastwood, James Woods and John Voight, conservatives are always complaining about “liberal Hollywood.” But they seem to take it for granted that they “own” Country Western music.

Finally, here are the Indigo Girls suggesting that the monster beneath your bed is no match for the “Power of Two.”

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