June/July/August 2015
Table of Contents

Editor’s Note: Ancient Greece’s Middle-Out Strategy
by Paul Glastris

Tilting at Windmills
Paying Providence … Journalists not jailbirds … Live from New York, it’s election season … by Matthew Cooper

Ten Miles Square

The Monthly Interview: John Sarbanes
A conversation with Representative John Sarbanes, on a new campaign finance idea to get lawmakers more focused on voters than big-money contributors.


The Average Joe’s Proviso
Surprising numbers of white working class voters will support the Democratic agenda-if Democrats promise to reform the government that would carry it out. by Stanley B. Greenberg

Scott Walker’s Real Legacy
What did the Wisconsin governor’s union busting actually accomplish for the “hardworking taxpayers” of his state? And what do his actions tell us about how he might govern as president? by Donald F. Kettl

The Hungary Games
How Hillary Clinton and her diplomats kept authoritarianism at bay in Eastern Europe. by Eleni Kounalakis

Why is America Losing the Commercial Drone Wars?
For years, lobbyists and conservatives have managed to wrap regulatory agencies in ever more procedural red tape. Now those restrictions are hamstringing what ought to be a sprinting American industry. by Konstantin Kakaes

The Post-Ownership Society
How the “sharing economy” allows Millennials to cope with downward mobility, and also makes them poorer. by Monica Potts

Wealth and Generations
By focusing on the growing riches of the “1 percent,” we miss another form of inequality that is bigger, and arguably even more dangerous. by Phillip Longman

The Lost Entrepreneurial Generation?
Millennials are starting fewer businesses than previous generations. Here’s what might be holding them back. by Matthew Connolly

The Young and the Rentless
Can shared equity make homeownership safe for Millennials? by Jordan Fraade

How New Orleans Made Charter Schools Work
Since Katrina, the Crescent City’s schools have produced what some experts believe to be the most rapid academic improvement in American history-and created a reform model other cities are trying. by David Osborne

Pick Your Poison
The GOP Congress is working on a new toxic chemical bill. Should Obama sign it, or wait for the next president to get a better deal? by Heather Rogers

On Political Books

On Not Canonizing the Gipper
Efforts to elevate Ronald Reagan’s reputation to Rooseveltian heights continue. Time to stand athwart historians, and yell “Stop!” by Michael O’Donnell

Low-Information Lawmakers
Why today’s Congress can no longer cope with complex problems. by Lee Drutman

Second Chance, My Ass
Ex-offenders need jobs to stay out of Jail. But easy access to criminal records, a gift of the internet age, means than employers won’t hire them. by Gilad Edelman

The Age of the Disengaged
Are Millennials really more alienated from politics than youth in generations past? by Ryan Cooper

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Paul Glastris is the editor in chief of the Washington Monthly. A former speechwriter for President Bill Clinton, he is writing a book on America’s involvement in the Greek War of Independence.