A slow news day that still provided plenty to talk about. Not enough for a single additional post, maybe, but enough for what we do.

Here are some remains of the day:

* Jeb Bush becomes eleventh official “real” GOP candidate for president. His big line: presidency “should not be passed on from one liberal to the next.” Brilliantly imaginative, eh?

* Steve Waldman pens new and important argument for using National and Community Service funds to subsidize local news coverage. More about that later.

* At Ten Miles Square, Martin Longman argues with Ryan Cooper in opposition to the National Popular Vote Initiative. I’m with Ryan on this one, and may respond to Martin tomorrow.

* At College Guide, Jill Barshay cites research showing procrastination on homework hurts performance. I disagree with that one, too, but only from personal experience.

* At The Grade, Alexander Russo assesses the points made by a conservative critic of educatoi journalism.

And in non-political news:

* Best day to apply for a job, say researchers, is Tuesday.

That’s it for the day before Tuesday. We’ll close with one of Waylon Jennings’ most apt anthems, “I’ve Always Been Crazy,” from 1978.

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Ed Kilgore is a political columnist for New York and managing editor at the Democratic Strategist website. He was a contributing writer at the Washington Monthly from January 2012 until November 2015, and was the principal contributor to the Political Animal blog.