Welcome to Republic 3.0, the Washington Monthly’s new policy innovation column.

Here you’ll find innovative, practical and progressive ideas to reimagine government, politics and society for the better.

Our goal is to cull through the noise to find the best solutions for the problems of today, whatever their source: think tanks, philanthropy, industry, and academia. Even Capitol Hill. We write about the ideas working now, on the ground, as well as emerging ideas with the greatest potential. And we keep you abreast of the best in evidence-based research: What works in public policy – and what doesn’t.

We also seek to serve as a serious forum for thoughtful, innovative policymakers to offer their best ideas. You’ll find no partisan name-calling or cheap shots. Rather, you’ll see Sens. Chris Coons and Tammy Baldwin offer a bipartisan plan for reviving U.S. manufacturing; you’ll see Rep. Rick Larsen on the future of U.S. aviation; and you’ll see Rep. Derek Kilmer make the case for public investments in basic science research.

Republic 3.0 launched as a stand-alone site one year ago, and many of our pieces have already appeared here at the Washington Monthly. We’ve looked at the potential of “open data” to transform cities; we’ve highlighted new efforts in Texas to eradicate “banking deserts,” where pawnshops dominate; and we’ve asked why “reinventing government” itself needs reinvention. Our merger with the Washington Monthly – with its mission of institutional and governmental reform – is a natural next step, and we are grateful for this new partnership.

Public trust in government has ebbed to all-time lows. But practical policy innovations – ideas that are pro-growth, pro-opportunity, broadly appealing and fiscally responsible – are still flourishing across the country. You’ll find them here.