Ferguson Commission: Schools Must Prioritize Whole-Child Issues, Equity District Dossier: A 198-page report by the Ferguson Commission recommends a focus on whole-child issues like hunger and school discipline and an overhaul in how the state of the Missouri deals with unaccredited districts.

Discrimination begins early and immigrant preschoolers notice, report says KPCC LA: Teachers may make derogatory comments or act in ways that are patronizing to immigrant parents. Examples that Adair gives include teachers commenting about a parent’s accent or home-language. A child may watch as their parent is repeatedly ignored by a teacher or in the school office, she said.

Obama Makes College Aid Application Earlier And Easier NPR: “It’s really a win-win for everybody,” says Justin Draeger, president of the National Association of Student Financial Aid Administrators. “Ultimately, this is gonna mean less work for [students] and less work for schools.” See also Washington Post.

Scott Walker proposes national ‘right-to-work’ law Milwaukee Journal Sentinel: “His whole theory of the case is fighting workers rather than helping working families,”Randi Weingarten, president of the American Federation of Teachers, said before Walker unveiled his plan. 

Putting More Technology In Schools May Not Make Kids Smarter: OECD Report HuffPost: You may want to think twice before you laud your local school district for investing in technological resources. As it turns out, too much technology in schools can be a bad thing, says an Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development report released Monday.

Parents Scramble for Child Care Amid Seattle Teacher Strike AP: Seattle Parks and Recreation spokesman David Takami said 21 community centers are taking care of some 2,000 children in kindergarten through sixth grade free of cost, and that number is rising. Many of the centers are at capacity, and the effort is costing the city about $21,000 a day, he said. See also Seattle Times, Seattle Public Radio.

T.C. Williams High School regains full state accreditation after turnaround Washington Post: School had been one of the lowest-performing in Virginia, but a turnaround effort appears to be making headway.

Where Campus Life Meets Prison Life NPR: Two decades ago, a prisoner serving a life sentence had an idea of a college course. This year, over 100 universities and colleges will be offering a class just like the one he envisioned.

Cheating allegations rise under de Blasio, continuing a Bloomberg-era trend ChalkbeatNY: The rise in complaints does not automatically signal a rise in misconduct; it could also indicate that staffers are making greater use of an anonymous email complaint system, for instance. See also WSJ De Blasio to Tie Education Agenda to Economic Inequality.

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Alexander Russo is a freelance education writer who has created several long-running blogs such as the national news site This Week In Education, District 299 (about Chicago schools), and LA School Report. He can be reached on Twitter at @alexanderrusso, on Facebook, or directly at alexanderrusso@gmail.com.