If you missed yesterday’s Washington Monthly/New America event, you can watch the entire thing above. It was a lively discussion on college data and the future of higher ed. Deputy Under Secretary of Education Jamienne S. Studley discussed the Obama administration’s new college scorecard and how the new data might be used to improve institutions in the future. City Colleges of Chicago Chancellor Cheryl Hyman, who showed up on our list of the country’s 10 most innovative college presidents, described how she took over a struggling school system and pushed for concrete, numbers-driven improvements. LSU Chancellor F. King Alexander, subject of a big profile in our most recent issue, spoke passionately about why states need to be held accountable for higher education funding. Jaime Merisotis explained the thesis behind his new book (and Washington Monthly article) on why the U.S. needs a Department of Talent while New America Education Policy Program director and Washington Monthly guest editor Kevin Carey moderated.

The big takeaway? The new federal higher ed data is welcome, but only a start. It’s going to take more outside pressure to ensure that American colleges are by and large providing good, affordable educations that prepare students for careers and adulthood. In the meantime, it’s up to bold university presidents to make changes that can inspire other schools to follow their leads.

Matt Connolly

Matt Connolly works for a labor union in Washington, D.C. Previously he was an editor at the Washington Monthly.