Day’s End and Weekend Watch

So I’m going to have a drink with my favorite Georgia football blogger tonight. One good thing about living where I do is that everybody comes out here eventually.

Here are some remains of the day:

* McCarthy almost certain Boehner successor, but there will be a “scramble” for other leadership positions.

* Rep. Bob Brady (D-PA) wants us all to know he drank out of the same glass of water as Pope Francis.

* At Ten Miles Square Martin Longman allows as how he saw Boehner’s resignation coming.

* At College Guide, Emmanuel Felton notes papal visit to East Harlem school draws attention to the existence of many Catholics schools that have adopted Common Core voluntarily.

* At The Grade, Alexander Russo endorses education coverage that provides both detail and context.

And in non-political news:

* No, don’t put coffee in your freezer, or any number of other things you’d probably never think to put there, either.

That’s it for Friday. Nancy LeTourneu will be in for Weekend Blogging tomorrow. We’ll close with Roosevelt “Booba” Barnes with “No Place To Go.”


Ed Kilgore

Ed Kilgore, a Monthly contributing editor, is a columnist for the Daily Intelligencer, New York magazine’s politics blog, and the managing editor for the Democratic Strategist.