The Washington Post’s Emma Brown reports that the editors at a glossy Philadelphia magazine have apologized for an education cover story (above) featuring all white kids despite the reality that more than half of the kids in the district are black and 19 percent are Hispanic (Magazine editor apologizes for education cover shot called racially insensitive

“Coupled with the photo, plenty of people saw the cover package as a not-so-hard-to-break code that speaks to the segregation of both housing and schools: good schools are white schools, and white schools are in white neighborhoods.”

“Tom McGrath, the editor of Philadelphia magazine, took to Facebook to apologize for the lack of diversity in the photograph. “We should have done better,” he wrote.”

This isn’t the first time that the magazine has been accused of racially insensitive or inaccurate coverage, including a package called “Being White in Philly.” But the magazine wasn’t trying to be controversial here, McGrath notes in the Post story. It was just being thoughtless and insensitive.

Agitator for School Reform) and a 2009 profile of former district superintendent Arlene Ackerman (Queen Arlene).
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