Haven’t really had time to think, but I’d say at this point both Sanders and Clinton are delivering pretty much what their supporters wanted. Bernie may have the advantage of a few more good lines, but HRC’s tone has stayed steadier. I shudder to think what Fred Davis would do with Sanders yelling for “revolution.”

It’s the final bloc! Candidates apparently got restroom break.

HRC: “It does take me a little longer.”

Cooper quotes O’Malley on dynastic issue. HRC, of course, parries with “first woman president” rather than another Clinton. Then touts her “experience of a lifetime.”

O’Malley: “Resort to old names” won’t move us forward.

HRC: “I don’t ask anyone to vote for me because of my last name.” Does her “I’ll fight Republicans” number again.

Sanders: I’m the only one not raising money from billionaries and millionaries!

Lemon provides a Facebook question inviting climate change statements.

O’Malley: Touts plan to go to 100% renewable electricity grid.

Webb asked about his support for coal. Suggest he’s for “all of the above” energy plan, but emphasizes global solutions, criticizes Obama administration China deal.

Sanders asked if he’s tougher than HRC on climate change. Doesn’t answer that, but touts Pope Francis calling this a “moral issue,” and says campaign finance reform part of solution because fossil fuels companies buying elected officials.

HRC: Again, touts Obama/HRC stalking of Chinese in Copenhagen, agrees more must be done.

Bash quotes Carly Fiorina attacking paid family leave on small business cost ground. HRC: “I’m surprised she says that, since California’s had paid family leave for a while…Typical Republican scare tactics.” Bash follow-up: another government program? HRC: they don’t mind big government in interfering with woman’s right to choose.”

Sanders: Does his reverse American Exceptionalism number again (this is not a criticism, but a description!).

O’Malley: we did it in Maryland! Agrees with HRC and Sanders, and makes economic argument for family leave.

Carlos: would you vote for recreational marijuana in Nevada?

Sanders: yes, because criminal sanctions unjust when so many injustices not penalized.

HRC asked if she’s ready to take position. “No,” but she supports medical marijuana and criminal justice reform, and wants to see states experiment.

Another Lemon Facebook question: how will you get Republicans to compromise?

Sanders: Republicans in Obama administration total obstructionists. Only way to get things done is to mobilize public support, give “Republicans an offer they can’t refuse.”

Final break!

Ed Kilgore

Ed Kilgore is a political columnist for New York and managing editor at the Democratic Strategist website. He was a contributing writer at the Washington Monthly from January 2012 until November 2015, and was the principal contributor to the Political Animal blog.