The only thing I’d add to Martin’s reporting on Hillary Clinton’s testimony to the Benghazi! Committee is that her early and pointed reference to the Beirut bombings wasn’t just (as Martin put it) a matter of going “right for the throat.” It was pretty close to a blasphemous statement from the POV of Reagan-worshiping Republicans.

Here are some non-Benghazi! midday news/views treats:

* Yahoo‘s Holly Bailey offers a sad commentary on Joe Biden’s probable fade from the national limelight.

* Nate Cohn suggests Carly Fiorina might be the presidential front-runner if she’d won that Senate race in California in 2010. If she had some ham….

* First official U.S. military death in fight against ISIS is special operations soldier killed in successful hostage rescue effort.

* Ann Coulter, in a signature move, attacking Paul Ryan for his acceptance of Jack Kemp mantle of Republican who talks about poverty.

* At TNR Jeet Heer reflects on Stephen Harper’s failed project to engineer a replacement of the Liberal Party by the harder-left NDP as the chief opposition grouping in Canada.

And in non-political news:

* Mets head to World Series as Royals try again for clincher in Game Six.

As we break for lunch, here’s Mountain performing “Dreams of Milk and Honey” in Cincinnati in 1970, with Leslie West on guitar and vocals. This is about as vintage a Haight Ashbury Meets Arena Rock video as you will ever see.

YouTube video

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