LA Times: Meet the teacher lobby behind Hillary Clinton that’s not the teachers union http://ow.ly/TMfeo

ChalkbeatNY: For two sharply divided Manhattan schools, an uncertain path to integration http://ow.ly/TMfnY

NPR: A Year Later, The School System That Welcomed Unaccompanied Minors

CityLab: Report: Studying at a Diverse School Doesn’t Hurt White Kids’ Test Scores http://ow.ly/TMewR

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Why Advocacy Disguised As Media Criticism Doesn’t Work*  ow.ly/TLRu2

PBS NewsHour Issues On-Air Apology Over Success Academy Segment  

Follow-up: Success Charters Invokes First Amendment, Privacy Expert Says Federal Penalties Unlikely ow.ly/TLlD4

Should Ifill Have Challenged Hagopian’s Testing Claims? [Yes.] ow.ly/TJrXH

Let’s Think About Journalism Funding More Reflectively Than This


New Yorker: How the Internet Has Changed Bullying http://ow.ly/TMeBV

Slate: The magic school bus: Using buses to bring technology to underserved communities. http://ow.ly/TMliS

The Atlantic: Inside A School Lockdown Drill

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