Managed to wrap up the debate live-blogging and then a TPM Column by about 9:30 PDT last night. But then kept dreaming of men in suits making crazy sounds.

Here are some quieter midday news/views treats:

* To no one’s surprise, Paul Ryan elected Speaker with only 9 Republicans voting against him.

* Third quarter GDP up only 1.5%, despite relatively strong consumer spending, as businesses drew down inventories due to pessimism about immediate future.

* China ending its “one child” policy on economic grounds.

* McKay Coppins applies toxic phrase “death spiral” to Bush campaign. It’s likely to spread unless Jeb does something semi-dramatic.

* Greg Sargent discusses the House GOP’s dilemma over when and how to wrap up the Benghazi! Committee.

And in non-political news:

* Final construction phase of La Sagrada Familia Basilica in Barecolona, designed by Antoni Gaudi, begins; first phase begun in 1882.

As we break for lunch, just cannot resist posting one of my very favorite songs of all time, Fairport Convention’s “Sloth.” Used to go for drives in my car just to listen to its extended glory. The fiddle (Dave Swarbrick) and guitar (Richard Thompson) interplay is just fabulous.

YouTube video

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