Federal government puts the brakes on $32 million to Ohio for charters Washington Post: More than a month after the Obama administration gave $32.5 million to Ohio to expand charter schools despite Ohio’s history of multiple scandals involving charters, the U.S. Department of Education sent a letter to state officials in which it said it… See also Columbus Dispatch.

Portland Public Schools Proposes Boundary Changes That Could Affect Thousands Of Students NPR: Parents with kids in Portland Public Schools are reacting to proposals aimed at balancing enrollment and increasing equity across the district.

Study: Most States Link Student Learning to Teacher Reviews AP: The comprehensive state-by-state analysis released Wednesday by the National Council on Teacher Quality shows 42 states and the District of Columbia have policies on the books requiring that student growth and achievement be considered in evaluations for public school teachers. In 2009, only 15 states linked scores to teacher reviews. See also Teacher Beat, EdWeek.

School Funding Case Returns to Court WNYC: Nine years after the state’s highest court found Albany failed to provide New York City with enough school aid, the case went back to court on Wednesday with plaintiffs arguing the state never lived up to that 2006 court order.

Why Colorado conservative education reformers lost Tuesday ChalkbeatCO: In Jefferson County, a hotel ballroom exploded with chants and tears as three conservatives elected as a slate in 2013 were recalled in a rout. In Douglas County, six years of dominance by a boundary-pushing board finally showed cracks as three opponents broke through, forming a solid minority promising a more open and diverse board. In the Loveland-based Thompson district, animus over a teacher contract dispute propelled union-backed candidates into power.

Edu-election results are in Politico: Democratic opponent Jack Conway made pre-K expansion the center of his campaign: http://politico.pro/1Rhso9U. Bevin was skeptical of early education’s benefits during the primary, but he backed away from that position during the general election.

Mississippi Voters Reject Guaranteed Public School Funding NPR:  Public schools in Mississippi have been underfunded for years. Yesterday voters said no to an initiative that sought to guarantee an “adequate and efficient system of public schools.” See also AP News

Bevin Wins Ky. Governor’s Race; Miss. Voters Reject Funding Initiative State EdWatch: Business executive Matt Bevin opposes the common core, which Kentucky is currently reviewing, and wants to create a new voucher program for students in the Bluegrass State.

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Alexander Russo

Alexander Russo is a freelance education writer who has created several long-running blogs such as the national news site This Week In Education, District 299 (about Chicago schools), and LA School Report. He can be reached on Twitter at @alexanderrusso, on Facebook, or directly at alexanderrusso@gmail.com.