Schools grapple with how to teach about Paris attacks Washington Post: Schools face a tough balancing act: Teaching about a scary event without scaring children. See also LA Times.

How Is the Big Year for Common-Core Tests Shaking Out? PK12: n some cases, those previous results were also from common-core tests, since some states began giving common-core aligned exams before 2014-15. And in some cases, we had to go back further than the 2013-14 scores to find the most recent relevant test scores before 2014-15. 

Early results of New York’s Common Core survey are mostly positive ChalkbeatNY: So far, more than 71 percent of responses have been positive, Elia told the Board of Regents — results she presented as an indication that there is more consensus around the standards than many realize.

Clinton says ‘no evidence’ that teachers can be judged by student test scores Washington Post: She slams a key tenet of Obama administration education policies during closed-door chat with teachers. See also US NewsVox.

Weingarten Defends Hillary Clinton on Charter Schools NYT: Ms. Weingarten declined to answer a question about whether she hoped Mrs. Clinton, if elected president, would stem the growth of the charter school movement.

Four Ways Hillary Clinton Might Differ From Obama on K-12 Policy PK12: The roundtable also offered an opportunity for Clinton to raise issues where she might depart from President Barack Obama’s policies, as well as such issues that didn’t come up (at least directly) in her discussion with teachers

How Is the Big Year for Common-Core Tests Shaking Out? PK12: In addition to the scores from the Partnership for Assessment of Readiness for College and Careers (PARCC), Smarter Balanced, and other common-core tests from the past school year, the interactive presentation includes scores from previous state tests.

Hey, New Teacher, Don’t Quit. It Will Get Better NPR: One new teacher in 10 will quit by the end of the first year. One teacher coined a phrase that explains why: Dark, Evil Vortex Of Late September, October and November, or DEVOLSON.

Montgomery County moves ahead with plans to scrap high school finals Washington Post: School board members give final approval to policy revisions in the face of teacher opposition.

Texas Board May Vote to Let Academics Check School Textbooks AP: Texas education officials may vote this week to have outside experts check for factual errors in textbooks used in its public schools, a small but key concession that could soften longstanding ideological fights over how history, science and religion are taught across America’s second-largest state.

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