U.S. High School Graduation Rate Ticks Up To 82 Percent AP: The U.S. high school graduation rate inched up to 82 percent and the achievement gap narrowed, according to new federal data that raise concern among education officials and others that too many students still aren’t getting a diploma. Read more in NPR, EdWeekWSJ, Huffington Post, Washington Post.

Emailed threats to NY, LA highlight worries schools face AP: When it comes to assessing threats, New York City and Los Angeles schools likely have more experience than most other districts in the country. See also ReutersNYT, Washington Post, KPCC.

School Segregation Persists in Gentrifying Neighborhoods, Maps Suggest NYT: Researchers at the New School’s Center for New York City Affairs mapped the median family income and racial makeup of schools against those of surrounding neighborhoods, and found many of the schools to have markedly less variety. 

In This High School, Reading and Writing Happens in Every Class, Even Math and Chemistry Washington Post: The chemistry students at Northwestern High School were not fiddling with Bunsen burners or studying the periodic table one recent weekday morning. They were sitting at their desks, reading an article about food coloring, underlining key ideas and preparing to analyze it in an essay.

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Alexander Russo is a freelance education writer who has created several long-running blogs such as the national news site This Week In Education, District 299 (about Chicago schools), and LA School Report. He can be reached on Twitter at @alexanderrusso, on Facebook, or directly at alexanderrusso@gmail.com.