In the midst of continued ideological warfare, policy paralysis, and one of the most curious presidential campaigns in memory, it’s easy to understand why many of us are wondering whether/how/when we lost our bearings. We at the Washington Monthly wonder, too, but our own internal compass continues to point us toward stories that affect how we live and work and move forward — call it our continuing 47-year quest for progressive change. We love what we do — part mission, part sausage-making, but always with an eye to getting this country back on track and headed in the right direction. In the words of Nicholas Lemann, Dean Emeritus of Columbia University Graduate School of Journalism and former Washington Monthly editor:

“The Washington Monthly is an indispensable source on what’s really going on in the American political system: passionate, knowledgeable, intellectually honest, and interested in the real story of how this society is governed, not the shouting and the spin.”

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