When Charlie Peters founded the Washington Monthly almost 47 years ago, he billed it as “a bold experiment in political journalism.” He was determined to produce articles that not only illuminate important issues but challenge and inspire people to reexamine their assumptions. He did not know that it would become such an influential magazine, changing policy debates on more than one occasion, nor did he realize that the Tilting at Windmills column he wrote for each issue would one day be regarded as a forerunner of today’s blogging.

We are still here, almost five decades later, almost a dozen years since we added the highly regarded Political Animal blog to our quiver, having survived a massive upheaval in the world of journalism and small magazine publishing, still telling the insightful stories that can be told only by a truly independent media entity. You can count on us continue to tell these important stories throughout the coming year — a year of consequential politics and policy directions. And you can help us continue to do so by sending us your tax-deductible donation today. Thanks to all of you who have chipped in already, we are well on our way to our goal of $20,000 by year’s end. Click here to put us over the top! We sincerely thank you, and send all best wishes for the New Year.

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