From this week’s New Yorker.


NYT: How Hillary Clinton Went Undercover to Examine Race in Education http://ow.ly/WO3yX

Marketplace: Out of public housing, and hoping for something better http://ow.ly/WO3m2

NYT: NJ School District Eases Pressure on Students, Baring an Ethnic Divide http://ow.ly/WO4aB

EdWeek: Newtown Families, Teachers’ Unions Applaud Obama’s Actions on Guns http://ow.ly/WO3gx

American Prospect: New Education Law Sparks Civil Rights Concerns http://ow.ly/WO0sX

US News: Kindergarten Today Looks Like First Grade a Decade Ago http://ow.ly/WO3vL


Fortune Chronicles Big Business’ Roller-Coaster Common Core Relationship

Don’t Fall For Easy Catch Phrases Like “Race To The Bottom” 

Lots Of Unknowns Accompany New AP Education Team Announcement 


Marin County journalism teacher launches YouTube sitcom, ‘Rich Bay High’ http://ow.ly/WO6Op 

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