Best Education Journalism Of The Week (Feb. 5-12, 2016)

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The Atlantic: More American Teens Are Excelling at Advanced Math

NPR: ‘An Average Guy’ Excels At Teaching Students AP Calculus

Washington Post: D.C. Public Schools overhauling teacher evaluation and training

WSJ: The Common Core Has Its Supporters

Mother Jones: America’s Most Controversial Education Reform Organization Might Be Changing Its Ways


TribLive Digs Into Past & Present Of Pittsburgh School Segregation 

See also: School Segregation In The North – Then & Now (WNYC)

Who Covered TFA’s 25th Anniversary Summit – & Was It Any Good?

A New Code Of Ethics For Nonprofit Education Journalism?

Should Outlets Be Evaluated By Their Funders Or The Journalism They Produce (Or Both)?

How Slate Could Tighten Up Education Reporting Disclosure


Reporters & Teachers Likely Marriage Partners 

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Alexander Russo

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