* Yep, Senate Republicans are going there (more on this tomorrow).

* Hillary Clinton is reviving her support for a public option as part of Obamacare.

Clinton supported the public option in her 2008 presidential campaign, and during the drafting of the Affordable Care Act a year later, Congress debated allowing a government-run plan to compete with private insurers. However, the public option was eliminated from the legislation because of objections from moderate Senate Democrats who opposed a greater government role in providing health care.

* Donald Trump’s one claim to fame is his career in business. But as Susanne Craig and David Chen document, he has little influence among the power brokers of New York.

His real estate holdings in New York are modest; he did not make the top 10 in lists of major condominium developers and power players in real estate in the city, as judged by several publications. He does not belong to trade groups like the Real Estate Board of New York or the Association for a Better New York. He rarely interacts with top politicians or government officials, or contributes to campaigns. Discussions about running for governor in 2014 never got off the ground…

The major banks, for their part, say they are leery of lending to him after having lost millions of dollars on past deals. Lawyers and contractors he has hired in the past say he is slow to pay his bills, and often shortchanges them. Even the few Wall Street executives who say privately that he is a friend are loath to speak publicly about him.

* Much of the press is suggesting that, after his appearance with Bill O’Reilly last night, Ted Cruz is now fully embracing Donald Trump’s “deport ’em all” policy. As Greg Sargent notes, Cruz didn’t quite go there. But here’s what he is promising to do:

What Cruz confirms here is that he would cancel Obama’s enforcement priorities, i.e., the administration’s decision to de-prioritize the removals of longtime residents who are low-level offenders and have ties to communities…Cruz would end not just Obama’s executive actions; he would also do away with the underlying guidelines that Obama has instituted that de-prioritize the removals of longtime residents.

In other words, forget about the criminals…let’s deport the moms and dads. That’s what is selling these days with Republican base voters.

* Finally, check out the trailer for a very cool documentary titled: CodeGirl.

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