Best Education Journalism Of The Week (Feb. 27 – March 4, 2016)

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PolitiFact: Does Trump University have an ‘A’ from the Better Business Bureau? Not really.

Washington Post: Meet the man behind the new SAT: ‘I’m in the anxiety field.’

NYT: With Fewer Members, a Diminished Political Role for Wisconsin Unions

NYT: Debate Over Chicago’s Low-Scoring Sizemore Academy & Other Afrocentric Schools

WSJ: Gov. Andrew Cuomo Faces Criticism for Reversals

Chicago Reader: The untold school segregation story behind Bernie Sanders’s 1963 arrest

Mother Jones: Baltimore beating video: These documents show why that school cop went “warrior” on a kid

The Seventy-Four: Video of Baltimore Cop Slapping Student Reignites Big Questions About Child Training for School Cops

The Atlantic: The Washington, D.C. High Schools Designed for Immigrant Children

NYT: Testing for Joy and Grit? Schools Nationwide Push to Measure Students’ Emotional Skills


Just How White Is Education Journalism?

Reporting Vs. Speculating About Deray Mckesson

The “Rip & Redo” Mystery

In Praise Of The New Yorker’s AltSchools Story

At Least Harris-Perry Covered Education Issues

Recruiting More Journalists Of Color (To Cover Education)


LA Times: The test every parent — and student — needs to take about the new SAT

The Raw Story: Creationist who thinks Obama was a gay prostitute poised to join Texas Board of Education

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Alexander Russo

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