Here’s a recent check-in from the Poynter Institute with some of the beat’s veteran news outlets (In education publishing, even the stalwarts need to get on board with digital) that you might want to know about.

Focused on EdWeek and the Chronicle of Higher Education, Rick Edmonds tells us that both publications have gone digital in a big way – no big news at this point – but relays from publisher Virginia Edwards that “digital subscriptions and other activities have gelled as the traditional print weekly audience fades.”

It’s not a moment too soon. Paid print subscriptions number fewer than 30,000 — and digital subscriptions are at about 10,000. (Another 100,000 folks get EdWeek through group subscriptions.) The nonprofit has run surpluses the last five years, after losses from 2003-2010, and has 55 fulltime staffers.

While Poynter lists Chalkbeat and Hechinger as potential competitors to EdWeek, neither of them strike me as the equivalent of Inside Higher Education, which competes directly. Politico’s education page is more of a direct competitor, especially if it spreads to additional states or broadens out to additional areas.

Then again, nobody else has the Learning Matters/PBS NewsHour broadcast connection that Edweek just closed. 

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