At last night’s debate in Miami, the Republican candidates – as they have all primary season – attacked the VA health care system and demanded its radical restructuring. Few viewers were aware, however, that the candidates were following a script written by the Koch brothers.

In the next issue of the Washington Monthly, investigative journalist Alicia Mundy reveals how the Kochs and their network have executed, with meticulous detail, a plan to get Washington to outsource the health care of millions of our nation’s veterans to corporate sector providers. Among other revelations, Mundy shows:

  • that stories about veterans dying while waiting for VA care in 2014 (the “scandal” that sparked the current call for privatization) turned out to be baseless.
  • that these claims were cooked up by the Koch-funded group Concerned Veterans for America (CVA) and key Republicans precisely to stampede Washington into passing legislation to outsource VA care.
  • that the first round of outsourcing has been a fiasco.
  • that independent research mandated by that legislation shows that the VA continues to provide the same or better quality care than do private sector providers.
  • that the commission now making the outsourcing decisions is stacked with members and allies of CVA and representatives of private sector providers.

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