* Jon Ward provides some well-documented caution about painting with too broad a brush when it comes to conservative evangelical support for Donald Trump.

Donald Trump’s candidacy has sparked a civil war inside American Christianity.

Trump’s popularity among self-identified evangelical Christians has led national figures in American Christianity to question whether large swaths of the church even know what their faith teaches, and how it applies to public and political life.

The split is between a subset of evangelicals best categorized as “creedal” believers — those who take their faith most seriously and who oppose Trump. Less devout Christians, often described as “notional” or “cultural,” are more open to the businessman and GOP frontrunner.

Deep into this article, Ward suggests something that I have been thinking about this split for months now:

“There’s a class component. Working-class and lower-class white evangelicals have tended to like Trump,” said John Green, director of the Ray C. Bliss Institute of Applied Politics at the University of Akron in Ohio. “The social profile of the evangelicals for Trump is remarkably similar to the non-evangelical Trump supporter.”

“It suggests it has more to do with class and economics,” Green said.

* Over the course of this presidential primary, there have been several metrics discussed about how voters might go about choosing which candidate to support. Not only have specific issues been addressed, but the question of things like electability or a candidate’s “theory of change” have been on the table. As a sign of just how terrible the choices are for Republicans these days, Ben Carson has another metric he suggests that voters should consider. It comes down to which one might do the least damage over the course of a four year presidency.

* China decided to weigh in on the Trump presidential candidacy.

Mussolini and Hitler came to power through elections, China’s Global Times reminded readers Monday. Now an “abusively racist and extremist” candidate is on the rise in the United States, it says. Maybe democracy isn’t such a good idea after all.

In an editorial Monday, China’s state-owned Global Times newspaper used Donald Trump’s rise to gloat about the fault lines in U.S. society and to argue that democracy was both a waste of time — and downright scary.

From the rise of a “narcissistic and inflammatory candidate” to the violence that surrounded his planned rally in Chicago, the paper said it was shocking this could happen in a country that “boasts one of the most developed and mature democratic election systems” in the world.

* Apparently voters in Ohio have to worry about who is packing heat at the polling station.

A poll worker in Cleveland, Ohio was arrested Tuesday after pulling a gun on another poll worker, local TV station WKYC reported.

* Finally, what further evidence do you need to prove that this is the coolest President ever?! Here is Lin-Manuel Miranda, the creator of the Broadway hit “Hamilton,” doing freestyle raps with Obama in the Rose Garden.

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