* Today the Supreme Court heard oral arguments in the case U.S. vs Texas, which challenges President Obama’s actions on immigration. Here is my rule of thumb: while I am interested in hearing what various Justices asked/said during the proceedings, I ignore the musings of anyone who tries to predict the outcome at this point. It’s a fools errand.

* There was more news from Gitmo over the weekend.

Nine detainees from the Guantanamo Bay detention center have been transferred to the government of Saudi Arabia, the Pentagon announced Saturday. Department of Defense officials told NBC News all nine are from Yemen…

The move takes the total number of detainees at the U.S. military prison down to 80, with 26 approved to be moved out of the facility, which is located on Cuban territory held by America.

* In response to Sanders’ statement about Clinton winning in the “most conservative part of this country,” Nate Silver notes that she is winning the states that look like the Democratic Party.

The most representative state by this measure is New Jersey. We expect its primary electorate to be about 57 percent white, 26 percent black, 11 percent Hispanic and 6 percent Asian or other, quite close to the national Democratic electorate. New Jersey won’t vote until June 7, although Clinton was well ahead when the last poll was released there in February.

After New Jersey comes Illinois, which Clinton won narrowly — and then Florida, where Clinton won going away. Then there’s New York, which votes Tuesday, and where Clinton is 15 percentage points ahead in our polling average. Virginia, another Southern state, ranks as the next most representative; Clinton won it easily. Then there’s Nevada, another Clinton state, before we go back to the South to North Carolina, also won by Clinton. The next group of four states (Maryland, Tennessee, Arkansas and Michigan) are roughly tied and include some further representation for the South, along with, finally, one state (Michigan) that Sanders won.

In other words, Clinton has won or is favored to win almost every state where the turnout demographics strongly resemble those of Democrats as a whole.

* I fear that a lot of folks will respond to this one with a “let ’em go.”

A group that advocates for Texas seceding from the United States says at least 22 local Republican conventions passed resolutions last month that called for a vote on secession at the state convention, The Houston Chronicle reported Friday.

Just one problem with that…”The Supreme Court ruled in 1869 that states don’t have the right to secede.”

* Finally, the Pulitzer Prizes were announced today. Here is the one everybody is talking about:

What’s so fascinating about all this is that – in the midst of a nativist Republican backlash to “take our country back” – the hottest thing in the country is a rap musical performed mostly by people of color that is all about our lily white founding fathers. Ain’t life grand?

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