Roundup: NJ One Of Just Seven States Now Using PARCC Common Core Test

N.J. one of just 7 states still using PARCC tests in 2016 |

Senator Alexander Blames Feds For TNReady Delays | Nashville Public Radio

Kentucky’s Unprecedented Success In School Funding Is On The Line : NPR Ed : NPR

How Massachusetts Became The Best State In Education : NPR

School budget laws complicate tracking of Common Core spending | EdSource

When Arne Duncan visits Memphis on Friday, he’ll see part of his legacy as U.S. ed chief | Chalkbeat

First Lady Michelle Obama to host college signing event in Harlem | New York Amsterdam News view

Wisconsin Prom Shooting Leaves Teenage Suspect Dead and Town Shaken – The New York Times

Cruz takes lessons on education from Milton Friedman, his faith…

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Alexander Russo

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