* Yesterday I wrote that North Carolina Governor McCrory had been notified by the DOJ that HB2 violates the Civil Rights Act and that if the state didn’t remedy the situation by Monday, their federal education funding could be in jeopardy. McCrory says it’s all about Washington overreach.

McCrory said at an event with business leaders that the letter was “something we’ve never seen regarding Washington overreach in my lifetime,” according to the Charlotte Observer.

The Republican House Speaker seems to assume that DOJ is bluffing.

* 2016 could be another “year of the woman” for Democrats.

If 2016 has been the Year of Trump in politics, it may also end up being a new Year of the Woman, if Democrats get their way. And that won’t be a coincidence.

Democrats aim to have female Senate candidates on the ballot in nine states in November, a near-record, and these contenders will likely be sharing the ticket with the first major-party female presidential nominee in history in Hillary Clinton.

* President Obama made another announcement about his Clemency Initiative today.

Today, I commuted the sentences of an additional 58 individuals just as deserving as Philip – individuals who can look to him as inspiration for what is possible in their lives.

As President, I’ve been working to bring about a more effective approach to our criminal justice system, particularly when it comes to drug crimes. Part of that effort has been to reinvigorate our commutations process, and highlight the individuals like Philip who are doing extraordinary things with their second chances. To date, I will have commuted 306 individual sentences, which is more than the previous six presidents combined.

* See if you can follow this story: The guy that Trump suggested was incurably pathological (Ben Carson) has now been asked to help him chose a running mate. Here is some of his “sage” advice:

During a Wednesday interview on Fox News Radio, Ben Carson, who will likely help Donald Trump choose a running mate, proposed making Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) Trump’s attorney general and then nominating him to sit on the Supreme Court.

“I think he would be terrific on the Supreme Court, or I think he would be a terrific attorney general. Or he could be both,” Carson said when asked if Cruz would make for a good Supreme Court pick. “He could be attorney general first, you know, go ahead and prosecute Hillary, and then go on the Supreme Court.”

* The former Klansman Trump was hesitant to distance himself from is obviously still on the Trump-train.

On his radio program today, white nationalist leader David Duke celebrated Donald Trump’s “amazing victory” in the Indiana primary, which allowed him to become the presumptive Republican nominee for president, hailing Trump for terrifying wealthy “Jewish extremists” and exposing the “Jewish supremacists who control our country.”…

“The Trump campaign at a whole series of levels is a great opportunity for us to expose the people who really run the Republican Party, who run the Democratic Party, who run the political establishment and who are leading us all to disaster,” Duke said. “Even though Trump is not explicitly talking about European-Americans, he is implicitly talking about the interests of European-Americans.”

* Finally, to celebrate Cinco de Mayo, how about an acoustic tune from Los Lonely Boys?

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