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Latest National Teacher Of The Year reacting to President Obama’s remarks earlier this week.


NYT: Money, Race and Success: How Your School District Compares

AP: Unaccompanied minors in 35 districts, 14 states have faced illegal barriers to enrolling in school.

Politico NY: In NY, Clinton treads lightly in praise of uncontroversial school

EdWriters: Donald Trump’s education agenda, in 52 seconds.

NYT: Top State Senator Attacks de Blasio on School Control Push

AP: Decade after Katrina, New Orleans poised to regain schools

In These Times: Progressive caucus challenges NYC union leadership 

NPR: Paying For America’s Schools: Is There A Better Way?

Knox News: Blame for failure of TNReady test is widespread


Some Alternatives To That Soft, Duplicative Coverage Of Chan/Zuckerberg Announcement 

New EdBeat Survey Reveals Diversity & Independence Challenges 

“Peak Integration Coverage” Fast Approaching 


Late night’s Seth Myers talking about Teacher Appreciation Week

Donald Trump yells his education ideas into the camera for 52 seconds

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