* This was an odd exchange between NPR’s Audie Cornish and Sanders’ campaign manager Jeff Weaver.

CORNISH: But if he has to win 68 percent of all the delegates going forward in all the races and he falls short of that…do you have an obligation to be honest about what his path is?

WEAVER: Well, no, but see – you know, that’s a media narrative from people who think that politics is just standing at a board doing mathematics. But it’s much more than that.

* However, this was encouraging:

Sanders has reached out to multiple Senate colleagues in an attempt to assuage them. Among them is Senator Barbara Boxer of California, whose keynote speech at the Nevada state Democratic convention last weekend was disrupted by rowdy Sanders supporters in a situation she described as frightening and out of control.

Boxer said she conveyed her concerns to Sanders in “a really nice talk” with him Tuesday. “I told him how bad it was in Nevada. He said he was distressed about it, and he expressed chagrin about it. I told him ‘Bernie, you need to get a hold of it,’ and he said he would.”

* At their national convention today, the NRA endorsed Donald Trump (as the kids would say, “Duh!”) I thought I’d sum up the significance of Trump’s speech at the convention via tweets.

* Finally, just in case you thought Democrats might be tempted to go easy on the Donald…

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