* The “issues” page on Clinton’s web site contains everything from proposals to address Alzheimer’s to women’s rights. So perhaps it’s not a bad idea for her to give us some idea about how she prioritizes them. Abby Phillip says that she will pledge to push for immigration reform and an infrastructure bill in her first 100 days.

* Is is just me, or does anyone else think that it’s a bad idea for the Sanders campaign to pick a fight with Sen. Barbara Boxer two weeks before the California primary?

* A couple of days ago, the Clinton campaign released a video with a 2006 clip of Donald Trump boasting about how he would make a lot money off of a real estate collapse. Yesterday Sen. Elizabeth Warren gave a speech that hit on the same theme. By the time this happened this morning, I began to think that Democrats might actually be rowing in the same direction this time this time around.

* Analyze this!

* Jonathan Bernstein lists the three reasons that the Republican Party got the voters it deserves.

Republicans had encouraged, or at least tolerated, schoolyard taunts and far-fetched conspiracy talk long before Trump’s campaign…

Another part is how Republicans lowered the standards for their politicians. Normally voters might oppose Trump as flat-out unqualified for the job, both by lack of relevant experience and lack of knowledge of government and public affairs. But by giving a megaphone to people like Pat Robertson, Herman Cain, Ben Carson and Carly Fiorina, Republicans showed their voters what counts as a “normal” Republican presidential candidate — and it isn’t all that different from Donald Trump…

That same observation can be made about how Republicans have tolerated and promoted bigotry, forging a path for Trump to go even further.

* These Bundy fellas don’t seem to get the whole idea that prison is essentially defined by a loss of your precious freedoms.

Ammon and Ryan Bundy want their Constitutional Rights -including the Second Amendment- to be recognized in jail and are considering suing the Multnomah County Sheriff’s Office to get them, according to a report from Oregon Public Broadcasting.

* Finally, during a forum with young people in Vietnam yesterday, President Obama did just a bit of beatboxing before giving the floor to a rapper named Suboi.

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