Republican House Speaker Paul Ryan’s response to Donald Trump’s racist attacks on U.S. District Judge Gonzalo Curiel:

Out of left field? Really? Here is how the Urban Dictionary defines that phrase: “unexpectedly, suddenly and surprisingly.”

Where was Ryan when Donald Trump:

* Proposed that we ban all Muslims from entering the U.S.?

* Suggested that Mexican immigrants were rapists and drug dealers?

* Refused to distance himself from David Duke and the KKK?

* Consistently retweeted messages from white supremacists?

* Went on a month’s long tirade suggesting that our first African American president wasn’t born in this country?

* Said that his supporters who beat up a Hispanic man were passionate people who love this country?

* Blamed Blacks and Hispanics for crime across the country?

* When confronted with Black Lives Matter, said that we have to give power back to the police?

Now that he has endorsed Trump, Paul Ryan might want to pretend that the presumptive Republican nominee hasn’t consistently been saying the most vile racist things we’ve ever heard from a presidential candidate. But there are WAY to many witnesses for him to be able to slip all that under the rug now. Trump’s racist rantings about Judge Curiel do not come out of left field. They are part and parcel of what this man has been doing and saying for years. What’s really out of left field is that anyone with any sense of morality, judgement or dignity would suggest that this man is fit to lead our country.

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