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* This headline pretty much sums up Donald Trump’s message: Trump to America: Be afraid. I’d say, been there…done that. Whenever Republicans try to convince us to be afraid, I go back and listen to a speech Michelle Obama gave almost nine years ago.

* Everyone should take a few minutes to listen to and/or read what filmmaker Ken Burns had to say about the threat of Donald Trump during his remarks at the Stanford commencement.

* If you want to understand Hillary Clinton’s appeal to African American women, go read what five of them who went to Wellesley with her have to say. From my experience, African American women will be very warm in their relationships with white people, but trusting us is a whole different ball game. I found this story about what happened following the assassination of Martin Luther King in 1968 to be particularly telling.

A number of the white students on campus were also visibly upset by the assassination. But only one of them called Williamson. “I remember the evening he was killed,” Williamson said. “Hillary called me to express her sympathy, how upset she was. And I don’t know that any other white student did that. I was very touched.”

* Both David Atkins and Martin Longman have made their case here at Political Animal for Senator Elizabeth Warren to be Clinton’s VP pick. Bill Scher takes the other side of the argument.

The Globe recently reported, based on comments from two anonymous “advisers,” that she is “intrigued by the possibility that she could be picked as Clinton’s vice president, but she is not sure that the move would make sense for her.”

Let’s clear up the confusion: It doesn’t make sense for her.

She would be trading away her perch as one of the most influential, and independent, members of the Senate to become a full-time surrogate for someone else.

* Finally, this one seems to fit my mood perfectly today.

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