* This morning I asked: What Happens When One Party Doesn’t Care About Governing? Perhaps the answer is that Congressional members of the other party don the role of protesters – as Sen. Chris Murphy did last week and Rep. John Lewis did today. Their point has been to force votes on common sense gun reform in the wake of the Orlando shooting. But I think there might be more to it than that.

I get the feeling these Democrats have had about enough of Republican obstruction and inaction. Just as the sit-ins at lunch counters were about a lot more than where African Americans were allowed to eat, the one today on the House floor, combined with the filibuster last week, might be about more than a vote on gun reform.

* Obviously our Community Organizer-in-Chief approves.

* This might be my favorite tweet about the sit-in today.

* As long as we’re getting twitter-happy, how about this A+ trolling of Donald Trump from Hillary Clinton after he questioned her religious faith yesterday.

* Finally, as an addendum to what I wrote this morning about the impact Donald Trump’s candidacy is having on the Hispanic community, take a listen to this poetry slam from Mercedes Holtry titled, “We’re Here to Stay” (warning: it might not be suitable for watching at work).

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