NYT: Mike Pence’s Record on Education Is One of Turmoil and Mixed Results

American RadioWorks:Race in Suburban Schools 

Columbus Dispatch: Charter backers take attendance fight to Cleveland, some delegates not impressed  

After 2 Years, Progress Is Hard to See in Some Struggling NYC Schools

WSJ: Over Union Objections, NYC Officials Want to End School Suspensions for Younger Children  

NPR: Top researchers are signing on to a letter suggesting a simple, yet profound, tweak to new federal regulations.

Tribune: Illinois Governer Rauner Once Called Chicago Teachers ‘Virtually Illiterate’

Newsworks: In Erie, a microcosm of Pennsylvania’s struggle for education equity

Chalkbeat: Advocates seize chance to push for Upper West Side school desegregation, but face stiff resistance


It’s Not Too Soon To Be Rethinking Your Education Coverage For Next Year

EWA Fellowship Projects Coming Soon – Can They Stand Out? 

NYT Schools Interactive Still On “Most-Emailed” List Months Later


Digg: Middle Schoolers Print New Leg For Cute Penguin

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