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Having abandoned my philosophical training for the car wreck that is American politics, I’ve avoided the car wreck of politicized academia. Thanks for that.

Stuart Stevens savages Trump with some of the choicest quotes, but I think we all get it now. How many more quotes do we need? Find some other sources.

Washington Post reporters continue to get harassed at Mike Pence rallies even though Mike Pence doesn’t really want them to be harassed. How long before people starting calling Pence a “poodle”?

I can’t let it pass without noting that former deputy and acting director of the Central Intelligence Agency, Michael Morrell, says “Mr. Putin ha[s] recruited Mr. Trump as an unwitting agent of the Russian Federation.” If he actually believes that, well…does he actually believe that?

Cathleen Decker takes a look at how this unusual election is shifting traditional alliances, causing some Ohio Republicans to flock to Clinton even as Trump makes inroads with traditional Democrats.

It looks highly unlikely that Paul Ryan will lose his primary even though Donald Trump isn’t quite ready yet to endorse him.

Looking at Newt Gingrich’s recently disclosed debt settlement plan, he actually rivals Trump in stiffing contractors.

It’s not too early to get misty about Obama leaving office.

Have you ever heard of a churk? Me either, until now. It’s a cross between a chicken and a turkey, which is apparently hard to do since the two birds have a different number of chromosomes.

As a parent who is getting ready to send his son off to public school for the first time, I’m worried about a lot of things, but I didn’t think I had to worry about Super Lice. Goddamn it!

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That’s it! I’m on vacation. Nancy will return on Monday. Have a great weekend and don’t shoot anyone in the face.

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