Anthony Weiner
Credit: Boss Tweed

Here I was doing a spectacular job of pretending that ex-Rep. Anthony Weiner doesn’t exist when, bam!, out of the blue he strikes again. He evidently cannot control his desire to electronically share his junk with strangers on the internet, and now he’s gone too far by doing it with his child by his side in bed.

If Weiner doesn’t care about how his nasty habits impact his wife and kid, he can hardly be expected to care how they impact the world by embarrassing his wife and Hillary Clinton. No, not a lot of people are going to change how they vote over this, but my first thought upon hearing it was that Abedin would have to leave him for political reasons if nothing else.

She’s the vice chairwoman for Hillary Clinton’s campaign, for chrissakes, and she can’t very well be tolerating this kind of parenting from her husband. Their relationship is otherwise their business, but I think she’s been exceedingly forgiving and tolerant and dedicated to making their marriage work. This would likely be the last straw even if she didn’t have the future of the world to think about.

I’m not going give Weiner the Bill First treatment and diagnose him from afar. I just hope this separation means that I’ve, at long last, heard the last of that wretched man.

Martin Longman

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