Obviously Kellyanne Conway’s attempt to create an alternative Trump that will appeal to white suburban women continues. That is precisely why they rolled out a maternity leave policy this week. I’ll leave it to others to explain how it doesn’t add up because I’m more interested in the fact that they brought Ivanka Trump back into the spotlight to be their spokesperson on this one.

That started last night when Ivanka introduced her father and plagiarized one of Hillary Clinton’s most common statements in reference to maternity leave. She said, “This is not a woman’s issue, it’s a family issue.” How many times have we heard Hillary say that?

Afterwards, Ivanka was interviewed by Megyn Kelly on Fox News and told a blatant lie.

She said that there were no policies on Clinton’s web site related to child care or maternity leave. You can actually find comprehensive policies on those issues here, here and here.

Next Ivanka went on Good Morning America. At about 1:55 in this video she starts to lie about Hillary Clinton again.

When confronted with the fact that Clinton’s web site does, in fact, outline policies related to maternity leave and child care, Ivanka said that Hillary has been around for decades and there is no policy for fathers or mothers on paid leave. Perhaps Ivanka would like to explain how the Secretary of State has a role to play in promoting family leave. When she was the United States Senator from New York, Hillary Clinton introduced the Quality Child Care for America Act, the Military Family and Medical Leave Act and the Choices in Child Care Act. It is also interesting to note that the first legislation signed by Bill Clinton in 1993 was the Family and Medical Leave Act.

I suppose that Ivanka learned from her father that it is OK to lie about the record of someone who has spent their entire career working on behalf of children and families. It’s true that she does it with a softer voice and a nicer smile. So I suspect that – unless they are told the truth – some people will believe her. But obviously what Ivanka is trying to avoid is a comparison between her father’s maternity leave policy and the ones proposed by Hillary Clinton. She knows that theirs doesn’t add up. So instead of dealing with that, she smiles and lies.

Nancy LeTourneau

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